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“On the Footsteps of Paul”


Wheat Tour - Rome, the way Paul would have experienced it!

This tour is not suitable for anyone with mobility issues who requires a walking stick, walker or wheelchair or is unable to walk longer distances. This tour includes climbing several steps and hills.
This excellent bible-based tour follows in the footsteps of Paul; roads and places he lived and visited in 1st Century Rome which are preserved down to our day! You do not need to purchase any entry tickets for this tour that is considered "the unmissable Bible experience"!
These locations are all referenced from the video “City of Rome'' from the English Study Bible/Book of Romans/Multimedia Gallery.
We will experience Rome the same way Paul did, thousands of years ago!
Tours operate rain or shine.
Tour Duration: 3 hours
Distance Travelled: walking tour of 3.4kms (2 miles)
Meeting Point: Circo Massimo Experience - Via Aventino
(meeting point)
Tour Schedule: Every Saturday 2:30 pm - 5:30 pm
On scheduled tour days, we are almost always able to organize a group tour. In the event of
fewer than 5 bookings, the group tour can be rescheduled or by request, it will become a small group tour.
If you would like to schedule your own vip private tour on a different day/time (except for Sundays and Mondays), please contact us to check for availability.

Dress Code: Casual clothing, very comfortable walking shoes
Tips: Sunscreen, water bottle and hat (from May until October)
- FORUM BOARIUM and HOLITORIUM (ancient meat/vegetable market)
- FORUM HOLITORIUM (ancient vegetable market -S.Nicola in Carcere Church)
- ROMAN FORUM from the panoramic terrace with breathtaking views!
SMALL GROUP TOUR - 140 euros (group price) for up to 4 participants
GROUP TOUR - minimum 5 participants for up to 25 - 30 euros per person
It is recommended to book 2 - 3 weeks in advance, however, we always try to accommodate
last minute requests. If you are traveling alone, or in a group, don’t hesitate to contact us!
We will be happy to provide you with your options including joining existing groups.
BOOKING POLICY: 2-3 weeks before the requested tour date, a deposit of 50% is required to
confirm your booking - payment can be made via Paypal or Transferwise.
This deposit is fully refundable if cancellation occurs up to 10 days prior to your scheduled tour.
Within 10 days of your scheduled tour, the deposit is non refundable.
Without a deposit, we cannot guarantee your reservation!
The balance can be paid to your tour guide directly at the beginning of your scheduled tour by cash or credit/debit card. Once the balance is paid, you will be issued a tax receipt.
FAMILY FRIENDLY: Children up to 5 years are always free!
From 6 -18 years a 5 euros discount will be applied to group tours only.
DELAY POLICY: Maximum delay allowed: 10 minutes after which the tour will depart.
FREE MAPS: of the city centre are always available upon request!
HEADSETS: for groups of more than 8 people they are always included in the price.


Another amazing Biblical place, not included in any other tour, is the archaeological park of the Appian Way (3.5 miles from the city centre).
For groups with a minimum of 5 people, we can organize an unforgettable 3 hour walking tour to discover the highlights of this unique place, mentioned in several Watchtowers.
For bike lovers: an easy 2 hour bike tour (beginners welcome) + 1 hour walking tour
We will visit what remains from that historical time: villas with mosaics, many ancient tombs, street signs and mile markers that are preserved all the way from Paul’s time in Rome, and admire the same vegetation Paul would have admired.
Join us on this exciting journey to trace the Apostle Paul’s footsteps immersed in an atmosphere from another era!
35 euros per person without bikes
50 euros per person with bikes
Electric bikes and bikes with child seats are available upon request!


Why are the Catacombs not included in our Bible tours?
The answer is in this article cited below. The Catacombs are not related at all to the history of the pure, early Witnesses! However, from a historical point of view, they are very interesting.
If you want to visit the Catacombs we suggest: SAN CALLISTO or SAN SEBASTIANO.
With your entry ticket, a guided tour of 45 or 60 minutes is always included by their internal guides.
After your Catacombs of the Appian Way tour, you could add our 3 hour Bible Tour of the Appian way, that starts in the same location
G 95 8/8 pp. 16-20
● The Catacombs—What Were They?

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