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An unforgettable small group tour (max 11) inside one of the most important monuments of Rome, described as one of the new seven wonders of the world.. We will visit the first and second tiers of the Colosseum.The Colosseum underground and the arena are not included in the tour.

If you want to have a complete tour of 3 hours only of this huge buiding, with all its open areas ask for a customized tour!

Our professional and fully licensed tour guide will lead you inside the Colosseum, taking you back from the time of its construction through the excitement of the gladiator games, and giving you the truly incredible stories behind Rome's most famous landmark.

We will see the famous secret stone mentioned in the G 96 22/2 p. 31. And, for sure, at the end of the visit will come alive the informations of the G 91 8/4 p. 24-27

We will touch all the links with the prophecy of Luke 19:41-44 21:20-22 at the shade of the Arch of Titus.

In the TOUR B you will continue your travel back in time visiting the Palatine archeological site where the first village of Rome was founded and where the Roman Emperors built their political buildings and private palaces, and a breathtaking view of both the old and the new city of Rome from one of its seven hills, with a special focus on the Maximus Circus, one of the two place in Rome where the first Jehova's Witnesses died

We will discover together which are all the secrets of the 3 Caesars mentioned in the Bible. Before long you will find yourself in the Roman Forum, the main political and administrative centre of the ancient city where you will walk among the courthouses - where Paul was - religious temples, through triumphal arches and past majestic basilicas to the pulpit where the Caesars gave their legendary speeches.. Thanks to our amazing guides, you will have fun learning much of the history of Rome and the fascinating context that gave birth to Rome, leaving with all your questions answered and curiosities explored!

If you are searching for it, this is the unmissable tour!


In order to book this tour, please proceed as follow


1. Fill the form and we will confirm you asaps the availability of one of our Tour Guides on that day

2. After our confirmation of availability: get asaps the entrance tickets on this link, possibly at 10.00 AM according to the availability on their website. The tickets can be buyed up to 30-45 days before your tour is scheduled to begin.

3. Once you got the entrance tickets, can be paid the deposit for your guided tour, which we will request via Paypal.


Without tickets purchased and the deposit paid the reservation will be automatically deemed void!

  • Verse
    Daniel 2:40
  • Duration
    TOUR A 3 hrs TOUR B 4hrs
  • Meeting point
    Colosseum gate (sperone Valadier) see picture
  • Tour schedule
    Jan-Dec 10.00AM - 1 PM. Every day except Sunday and Monday
  • Dress code
    Casual wear with very comfortable shoes
  • Tips
    Tour is not suitable for people with walking sticks, walkers, wheelchair or with mobility issues or who are not used to walking a lot. There are many steps and hills during the tour!




  • COLOSSEUM 1st and 2nd tiers


EXTRA STOP - in both tours (A and B) is possible to include free of charge, the visit of the 3 Biblical statues sculpted by Michelangelo in St.Peter in chain. It means that the tour will last 30 minutes more, starting at 9.30 instead of 10 AM. If you wish to include this stop, please tell us when booking!


TOUR B same stops of TOUR A +


  • BELVEDERE TERRACE (breathtaking view of the Forum and Circus Maximus)

This tour is set up for a minimum of 4 participants



TOUR A - 30 euro per person from 4 up to 11 participants
                120 euro - group price, up to 3 participants


TOUR B - 40 euros per person 


  • BOOKING POLICY: The deposit (which is 30% of the total amount) is completely refundable in case of cancellation up to 3 days before your tour is scheduled to begin. Beyond this deadline, the deposit will be withheld. The rest of the fee can be paid at the beginning of the tour by cash or by any credit/debit card directly to the tour guide. At the same time of the payment you will receive on your smartphone the tax receipt.

    FAMILY FRIENDLY: Children up to 5 years are always free!

                                        From 6 -18 years (-5 euro off)

    DELAY POLICY In case of a group with multiple reservations, we will start maximum 10 minutes later and you will have to reach us by yourself in one of the next points.

    HEADSETS in all tours with more than 8 people are always included in the price!

    Special deal available for congregation or group with more than 11 people! Ask us!


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