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                                                  *****LATEST NEWS*****


Due to the covid 19, the direct passage from the Museums to St. Peter's Cathedral is closed. For this reason the Cathedral with its 3 Tetragrammaton and the Piazza are not included in the tour at the moment.
As compensation, a more complete visit will be carried out inside the Museums.
You can visit the cathedral and St.Peter square, on your own after the tour.
They are a 20-minute walk distance from the Museums exit!
The entrance to the Museums is allowed only for those who have the green pass - that is two doses of vaccine - in the absence of a certificate you will not be able to book this tour!

Which are the scriptures that inspired the most famous paintings in history who are here?

And what verses of Genesis inspired the great Michelangelo in painting the ceiling of Sistine Chapel?

Which secrets have the Raphael's Room?

Where are the three Tetragrammaton inside St. Peter church?

Where is the Circus of Nero, the place where the first Witnesses died?

Which are the secrets of the Etruscans and the Egyptians?

Come to discover it with us!

We will have an unforgettable experience inside one of most famous museums in the world.

We will finish, by visiting the 3 tetragrammatons inside St. Peter's church..

In order to book this tour, please proceed as follow:


1. Fill the form and we will confirm you asaps the availability of one of our Tour Guides on that day

2. After our confirmation of availability: get asaps the entrance tickets on this link, possibly between 9.00 AM and 10.00 AM according to the availability on their website. The tickets can be buyed up to 60 days before your tour is scheduled to begin.

3. After you got the entrance tickets, can be paid the deposit for your guided tour, which we will request via paypal

Without tickets purchased and the deposit paid, the reservation will be automatically deemed void!


  • Verse
    Rev 17:1,6 18:24
  • Duration
    Tour 1: 3 hours     
    Tour 2: 5 hours (is set for a minimum of 6 adults)
  • Meeting point
    Vatican museum gate (see the map)
  • Tour schedule
    9.00AM - mid-day 3 hours tour
    9.00AM - 2.00PM 5 hours tour
    Except Thursday and Sunday
  • Dress code
    Casual but sober and respectful, as we will be entering the church. Ladies are not allowed to enter churches wearing sleeveless or backless clothes. Men and women are allowed to enter wearing shorts but these must reach their knees or below. Men have to take off their hats when entering the basilica.






25 euros per person - for the 3 hours tour

50 euro per person if are only 2 participants


45 euros per person - for the 5 hours tour


BOOKING POLICY: The deposit (which is the 30% of the total amount) is completely refundable in case of cancellation up to 3 days before your tour is scheduled to begin. Beyond this dead line, the deposit will be withheld. The rest of the fee can be paid at the beginning of the tour cash or with any credit/debit card directly to the tour guide. At the same time of the payment you will receive on your smartphonee the tax receipt.

FAMILY FRIENDLY: Children up to 6 years are always free!

                                 From 7 -18 years - 15 euro instead of 25 for the 3 hours tour

                                                                35 euro instead of 45 for the 5 hours tour

BANK HOLIDAY TOURS IN ITALY: are 15 euro more as final charge on the total price per group per tour. 

DELAY POLICY In case of more than 10 minutes some of the stops will be cancelled and in case of a group with multiple reservation, we will start maximum 10 minutes later and you will have to reach us by yourself in one of the next points.

FREE MAPS of the city centre always available on request!

HEADPHONES in all tours with more than 7 people are always included in the price!

Special deal for congregation or group with more than 15 people!






















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