Welcome to Rome

Welcome to Rome

Dear brothers and sisters welcome to the eternal city!

Who among you, have ever dreamed of retracing the footsteps of Paul in Rome or discovering the millions of secrets of the Eternal City. We will be proud to show you the highlights of Rome. If you do not find what you are searching for, among the 8 proposals, ask for a personalized tour with the things you would love to see. We are happy to tell you that we are a local team of Jehovah's witnesses, all official tour guides and tour leaders with government license and this is our full time job, not an hobby! We can guide people inside every museum or archeological site!

In 2015 we were the first in Rome to have started giving professional bible tour of this incredible city. And in May 2020 we were the first in Italy to have started with virtual Bible tours. This has exposed us to easy emulation.

Be weary of untitled guides without regular government registration for payment of taxes! In Italy asking money from people without having government license is totally illegal. Professionalism, seriousness and historical artistic skills are the fundamental ingredients for us in this amazing job and in order to give you a five star service.

We are not tour operators or a tour agencies. We are just a crew of tour guides, who care about all kinds of guided tours. We do not provide any transfer, train, flights, bus tickets, or skip the line entrance for Colosseum or Vatican museum. It is not part of our competence.

All tours are available in ITALIAN, ENGLISH and SPANISH, and some even in RUSSIAN and PORTUGUESE; are provided only on request.

If there are other brothers booked on the same day, we automatically join all the brothers of the same language, if you do not ask for a private tour!

FAMILY FRIENDLY: Children up to 7 years are always free!
From 8-15 years 50% off on each tour eccept food tour.

SUNDAY AND BANK HOLIDAY TOURS IN ITALY: are 15 euro more as final charge on the total price per group per tour. Sunday is our day dedicated to spiritual activities, please ask for Sunday tours just if for you it's your only day in Rome. Thanks for understanding!

DELAY POLICY In case of more than 10 minutes some of the stops will be cancelled and in case of a group with multiple reservation, we will start maximum 10 minutes later and you will have to reach us by yourself in one of the next stops.

Free maps of the city centre always available on request!

Headphones in all tours with more than 7 people are always included in the price!

Tip for the tour guide: are not included in the price and like all over the world, eccept Japan, are well accepted! But are not mandatory, let each one do as he has resolved in his heart.. Noone will judge you whether you leave it or not! (2 Cor 9:7)