JW tours in Italy and Europe

Frequent questions

1. Why do some companies ask a price for device and you ask a price per person?

Some virtual Bible tours ask a price per device and not per person like us. But they allow the connection of 100 120 devices for each virtual tour, we do not do that.
We prefer to protect the quality and the possibility for everyone connected to participate at the end of the tour. That's why we allow maximum 30 - 40 connections in each virtual tour.

2. Why in some countries of North America and Europe, Bible Tours are "free" (often is anyway requested a suggested contribution) and in others like Italy, France or Greece is requested a fix price of a fee as for example in your Virtual tours?

The taxes and laws are different in each country.
In our country from the fee we receive, for any real or virtual tour, we must pay:

1. paypal fees for every single transaction, which are quite high
2. Inps italian tax, regardless the tours you do or you do not do, it remains the same: (for each tour guide are 3.500 euro per year
) 3. Tax consultant 1000 euro per year
4. And from the money that remains, another 30% of other mandatory taxes. We do a regular tax receipt for any virtual or real Bible tour.
5. Zoom account
6. Copyright every year for our logo and the domain of our website
7. One person who works every day just answering hundreds email. Each brother, on an average statistic, before booking, send 15-20 emails. Someone even 25-30 emails or more.
Even if in the 70% of cases, the things about what brothers ask, are on the website!
8. A small salary for the tour guide who give the tour.
9. Endless hours of hard work by many different brothers and sisters in doing, preparing, adjusting and costantly reviewing, each real or virtual Bible tour and their references! We are one of the few companies or maybe the only one who gives references at the end of each tour!

Moreover in Italy, France or Greece it is illegal to work as tour guide without having the government license, which is like a university specific degrees. In the countries with a lot of history this job requires many skills and endless training.

You can not guide brothers inside a museum or inside an historical site, just having an informal training from someone and asking a free contribution. Is not allowed by the law! If the city police or someone of the tourism department stops you, you can be fined with a very big price!

That's why all our brothers and sisters of the crew are licensed tour guides and tour leaders! Is not their hobby.

3. Why don't you make special discount for missionaries, Bethelites or someone else in the special service?

Many decades in the truth teach us, who the economical condition of someone in congregation, is not strictly identifiable with the privileges he/she has!
Many regular pioneers or parents with children, are making much more efforts to economically survive until the end of the month (paying all bills, rent and having a part time job, or without having a regular job) instead of many other dear brothers and sisters who can count on the small, but regular donation of the organization, having all expenses paid and often receiving great help by the publishers where ever they go for serving.

Moreover various Bethelites, missionaries, special pioneers or others wo did "vow of poverty" could have anyway, more economical possibilities than many other publishers. Maybe because they have families behind with a good economical condition, or maybe because they have their own property or flat on rent etc.

Each one, knows which is really, his/her economical situation regardless of their privileges!

For the real tours there are no exceptions. If someone is able to afford a trip abroad, please be guided by Luke 14:28.

Tours are not basic needs!

Instead, for the virtual tours, we would like all the brothers abroad to participate. Also if in most of the countries a fee of 6 euro is the price of 1 or 2 breakfast, for other countries with currency exchange could be an important amount.

In this case, let us know at the time of your booking just the situations of a real economic discomfort and we will evaluate every single request, regardless of their privileges in the congregation!

Thank you very much for putting yourself, for three minutes in our shoes!

With love and respect
Your brothers from Rome