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Rome has the highest number of occurences of the divine name in the world, second only to the Bible Shrine Museum of Jerusalem!

Up to today I have found a total of 34 Tetragrammaton in Hebrew and Greek koinè, located on 14 different locations.

No doubt there are many more yet to discover. Many yet undiscovered Tetragrammaton are most likely located inside the 18 jewish synagogues in Rome, which are not accessible by non-jews.

Furthermore, Rome has around 925 churches. Thus far, I have inspected the most famous churches but I wasn’t been able to inspect them all of them yet!

This is why the fascinating treasure hunt for the Divine Name in the eternal city has been ongoing on for over 9 years now!

Rome is a very big city and it would be impossible to visit most of the Tetragrammaton in a few hours; in part because of the distance between them, but also because 9 of the discovered Tetragrammaton, are located inside the Jewish Synagogue museum. Only Jewish museum guides are allowed to work inside this location!

Of the thirty-four discovered Tetragrammaton in Rome, only one is not open to visitors.

Five are located inside St.Peter’s basilica and are visitable right at the end of the Vatican Museum Bible Tour!

Three are revealed in the "Footsteps of Paul tour”.

Are you ready to be your own guide?

Here is the list of the 34 Tetragrammaton in Rome and the interactive link of google maps!


Have an unforgettable Tetragrammaton Hunt!



Museum Synagogue - (entry ticket 10 euros) - 9
(all 9 are all located in 3 different section of the same building)
(Great Jewish Synagogue - 1 - Spanish Synagogue - 1 - Jewish Museum - 7)


Welcome panel of the Great Synagogue - 3
Are shown in "On footsteps of Paul" tour


St.Bernardine Church (Finellis tomb) - 1
A Metro line - REPUBBLICA stop


Moises Fountain - 1
A Metro line - REPUBBLICA stop


Diocletian's Bath Museum (2nd floor) - 5
(Fountain of Anna Perenna's section)
A/B Metro line - TERMINI stop


St.John Lateran Cathedral (Chapel of Most Holy) - 1
A Metro line - SAN GIOVANNI stop


St.Emerenziana Church (at the very top of the altar wall) - 1
B1 Metro line - LIBIA stop


Oratory of the Filipino friars - 1 (not open to the public)


Vallicelliana library - 1
Nearby Navona Square


Sacred Hearts Cathedral of Jesus and Mary (left aisle, on one of the mosaic window) - 1
Urban Railway - LA STORTA stop


Executive Business Center ARGONAUTA (on the left side gate Argonauti st.) - 1
B Metro line - GARBATELLA stop


St.Mary Liberatrice Church (right aisle) - 1
B Metro line - PIRAMIDE stop


St.Mary del Popolo Church (Chigi Chapel) - 1
A Metro line - FLAMINIO stop


St.Peter's Basilica - 5
A Metro line - OTTAVIANO stop


Vatican Museums complex (On the ceiling of the Christian Museum) - 1
(entry ticket 25/45 euros depending on the day) A Metro line - OTTAVIANO stop


St.Cosma and Damiano Church (St.Mary and St.John Chapel) - 1
B Metro line - COLOSSEUM stop



Price of your Tetragrammaton Hunt

6 euros (the cost of a daily city of Rome transportation ticket)

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