Food Tips

Doubtless Rome is one of the best cities for foodies! 

The good restaurants in Rome are too many, to be included in a bucket list! 

Anyway never ask food tips at the reception of your bnb or hotel, in 80% of cases they get a commission suggesting you restaurants of their friends.

Follow your instinct! It is so easy to find some good local places with excellent food!

Live Rome as we Romans do, looking for places where

1. there is no English menu

2. where they do not need to invite customers in the middle of the street!

3. where the customers are not ONLY tourists, but also local people… 

Here below our personal selection of places where we usually go!

Without any personal interest in them!

Just click on the interactive link and google maps will bring you right there!

FOOD DISTRICT inside Termini Central Railway Station

MERCATO CENTRALE An autenthic Paradise for Foodies and Street Food Lovers


– “Seu Illuminati” Via Angelo Bargoni 10-18

– “Da Michele” In Via Flaminia 82

– “Lievito by Diego Vitagliano” Via Flaminia 525

– “Sorbillo” Piazza Augusto Imperatore 46 

– “Sorbillo” Shopping center La Rinascente – 6th floor – Via del Tritone 61


– “Tempio di Minerva” Viale Manzoni 64

– “Pasta e Vino Osteria” Via della Pelliccia 12 or Via Florida 23

– “Pastificio Guerra” only take away -Via della Croce 8

– “Osteria da Fortunata” Via del Pellegrino 11

– “Fraschetteria Sant’Angelo” In Via del banco di santo spirito 20

– “Tonnarello” In Via della Paglia 1

– “Forno Feliziani – bakery house” Via Candia 61 – nearby Vatican Museums

– “Gusto Massimo bistrot” Via del Circo Massimo 5/A – nearby meeting point of “On footsteps of Paul”



– “I monticiani” In Via Panisperna 84

– “Lo scopettaro” In Lungotevere Testaccio 7

– “Maxela” Via delle Coppelle 10


– “Pescaria” In Via Leone IV 14 nearby Vatican Museums

– “La pesceria” In Via San Nicola Tolentino 23

– “Calipe” In Viale Pinturicchio 40

– “Sospiro Trastevere” In Via della Cisterna 9


– “Otaleg” Via San Cosimato 14a (Trastevere)

– “Gelateria del teatro” In Via dei Coronari 56

– “Fatamorgana” In Piazza degli Zingari 5 Or Via Roma Libera 11 Or Via dei Chiavari 37A


– “Pompi” In Via Santa Maria in Via 17 Or Via della Croce 82

Where to Buy

If you want to buy wine or cheese, never buy it in the souvenir store or wine shops, as it costs double! Always go to the common supermarket where locals shop:

– Coop in Via Nazionale 212 or look on Google Maps for the closest Coop

– Carrefour in Via del Viminale 35 or look on Google Maps for the closest Carrefour

– Pam in Via delle Quattro Fontane 38 or look on Google Maps for the closest Pam or Pewex

Or set up on your gps these TOP MARKETS IN TOWN


We think of Eataly as a bit of an 800-pound gorilla in Rome’s food shopping scene but, still, there’s no denying that this megastore for all things edible and made-in-Italy is simply dazzling. Set in the old Ostiense Railway Station, Eataly’s largest outlet offers multiple floors of high-quality, carefully-sourced Italian specialities (who knew there were that many kinds of parmigiano?), plus multiple restaurants, cooking classes and tasting opportunities

Here is located EATALY


This is an amazing farm-to-table market for food snobs! Near Circus Maximus is everything you’ve dreamed of and more, selling cheeses, meats and charcuterie that will make you sing with happiness. And it’s all local from Lazio, the region surrounding Rome.


Open only Saturday and Sunday 10.30 am-7 pm

Wine Tours in the Rome Area

In general, Rome is not consider one of the wine vallleys of Italy… The best region where you can have a wonderful wine experience is Tuscany.

However, there is an amazing and big wine area just 40 minutes by car from the city center. It is consider one of the best wine productions in the Lazio district. They offer wine tours and tasting in Italian and English.