Italian Branch

Located in Via Bufalotta 1281, 12 miles from the city centre.

You can only reach Bethel by bus or taxi!

Tap with your credit card once you are on board or get bus tickets before you board the bus and once you are on the bus, stamp your ticket in the yellow machine to validate it!

Bus 338 from metro stop JONIO
Or Bus 86 from metro stop CONCA DORO

Betel Tour takes maximum 90 minutes.

However since 2021 the Italian branch is relocating in Rome just very few areas, and a small garden are open to visitors!

In 2025 the Branch will definitely be moved to Bologna.

Time schedule for visitors from June 1st 2023

Monday to Friday 8.30-11.30 / 13.30-16.00

You can visit Bethel by online reservation only!

Booking link

Stay With Brothers In Rome

Here is a list of places in Rome where you can stay with our brothers and sisters.

Please remind that JW-ROMETOURS is not associated with any other JW tour provider, hotel, bnb or travel company!

I m 100% independently owned and operated, as are all other JW companies listed on my website!

We each abide to our own local laws and personal business practices and are therefore not responsable for the quality of service offered by another bnb or company on this list!

We simply promote each others companies to help our friends find other travel services offered by other JW’s!

I do not receive any commissions from these bookings, so you can call and book directly with them!

Make sure to let them know you are a JW!

In the Old Town, Top Location!

Up to 19 persons boutique hotel
Owner is brother Alex Massoli +39 3496875027 or +39 0637898303

Up to 10 persons
Owner is sister Gloria Battaglieri +39 3274431866
The hotel director manager is brother Gianfranco Saccone. You can call or text to the hotel, and ask for him.
Owner is brother Massimiliano Restagno. You can call or text to the hotel, and ask for him.

Close to the city center and Connected By Buses/Metro

Up to 5 persons
Owner is brother Samuele +39 3289553986

Up to 4 persons
Owner is sister Paola +39 3482856028

In The Roman Countryside – accessible by car only

Up to 4 people – 2 double bedrooms, in a villa at the gate of Rome, in the village of Setteville Marco Simone, 10 miles from the city centre and 8 miles from the Bethel.
Owner is Sister Francesca +39 3920037548

Up to 6 people – indipendent flat, in a villa at the gate of Rome, in the village of Fonte Nuova Tor Lupara, 12 miles from the city centre and 6 miles from the Bethel.
Owner is Sister Ornella +39 3299899166

3 doube rooms available, in a cozy villa with pool at the gate of Rome, in the village of Formello, 20 miles from the city centre and 14 miles from the Bethel.
Owner is Brother Jamison +39 3280079439

Other Informations

If you look for a B&B’s hosted by JW’s worldwide, don’t miss these websites

If you didn’t find on this list what you was searching for, use the websites

JW Tours Worldwide

Please remind that JW-ROMETOURS is not associated with any other JW tour provider or travel company!

We are 100% independently owned and operated, as are all other JW companies listed on our website!

We each abide to our own local laws and personal business practices and are therefore not responsable for the quality of service offered by another company on this list!

We simply promote each others companies to help our friends find other travel services offered by other JW’s, without charging commissions!


Bible/City Tours in Florence.
Sister Ilaria +393470959199
Instagram Ilariatours

Bible Tour in Naples.
Sister Alessia +393341927059
Instagram alessia_tours

Pompeii Historical Tour
Sister Noemi +393202222852

Jw Tour Guide in Bologna
The motor and food valley of Italy
Sister Tiziana Gallo – only ITA/DEU
Istagram emiliatours –

Jw Tour Guide in Puglia and Matera
The Jerusalem of Italy
Sister Alessandra
Istagram alyalessandra

Amalfi Coast
Tours/Transfers/Accomodations/Capri Boat Trips/Cooking lessons
Samuel and Raffaella Bryant +393466895351
Istagram amalfi_coast_brothers

Your personal Travel Planner for Italy!
Build with her your unforgettable trip in Italy
Sister Tabita +39 3889905763
Istagram Italy_by_Tabi

Transfers in Naples
Brother Luigi +393926255267

JW Licensed Worldwide Local Tours

Museum/City Tours
Louvre Bible Tour
Sister Cidalia +33652268235

Museum/City Tours!
IG athens_bible_tour
Sister Valia +306970427356

Museum/City Tours
IG jwamsterdamtours

Museum/City Tours
Pergamom Museum and the Concentration Nazist Camps
Brother Tomek – IG historyofjw

Food/City Tours
CEO Bro John Pfeiffer

Museum/City Tours
British Museum Bible Tour

Bible/City Tours
Prado Museum
Brother Julio +34652854535

ISRAEL – Israel based!
Bible/Food/City/Bus Tours
Taste and see TV

ISRAEL – Israel based!
Bible/City Tours
Brother Ariel
IG bintivot_kedem

Guided Tours around Egypt!
Bible/City/Food Tours
IG biblelands360
Brother Karim +201280260260

An amazing country to discover!
IG jwelcometocroatia
Brother Marinko +385 98634953

If You Wanna Be Your Own Guide In The Bible Lands

Instagram page
powered by sister Katharyna from Germany

Food Tips

Doubtless Rome is one of the best cities for foodies! 

The good restaurants in Rome are too many, to be included in a bucket list! 

Anyway never ask food tips at the reception of your bnb or hotel, in 80% of cases they get a commission suggesting you restaurants of their friends.

Follow your instinct! It is so easy to find some good local places with excellent food!

Live Rome as we Romans do, looking for places where

1. there is no English menu

2. where they do not need to invite customers in the middle of the street!

3. where the customers are not ONLY tourists, but also local people… 

Here below our personal selection of places where we usually go!

Without any personal interest in them!

Just click on the interactive link and google maps will bring you right there!

FOOD DISTRICT inside Termini Central Railway Station

MERCATO CENTRALE An autenthic Paradise for Foodies and Street Food Lovers


– “Seu Illuminati” Via Angelo Bargoni 10-18

– “Da Michele” In Via Flaminia 82

– “Lievito by Diego Vitagliano” Via Flaminia 525

– “Sorbillo” Piazza Augusto Imperatore 46 

– “Sorbillo” Shopping center La Rinascente – 6th floor – Via del Tritone 61


– “Tempio di Minerva” Viale Manzoni 64

– “Pasta e Vino Osteria” Via della Pelliccia 12 or Via Florida 23

– “Pastificio Guerra” only take away -Via della Croce 8

– “Osteria da Fortunata” Via del Pellegrino 11

– “Fraschetteria Sant’Angelo” In Via del banco di santo spirito 20

– “Tonnarello” In Via della Paglia 1

– “Forno Feliziani – bakery house” Via Candia 61 – nearby Vatican Museums

– “Gusto Massimo bistrot” Via del Circo Massimo 5/A – nearby meeting point of “On footsteps of Paul”



– “I monticiani” In Via Panisperna 84

– “Lo scopettaro” In Lungotevere Testaccio 7

– “Maxela” Via delle Coppelle 10


– “Pescaria” In Via Leone IV 14 nearby Vatican Museums

– “La pesceria” In Via San Nicola Tolentino 23

– “Calipe” In Viale Pinturicchio 40

– “Sospiro Trastevere” In Via della Cisterna 9


– “Otaleg” Via San Cosimato 14a (Trastevere)

– “Gelateria del teatro” In Via dei Coronari 56

– “Fatamorgana” In Piazza degli Zingari 5 Or Via Roma Libera 11 Or Via dei Chiavari 37A


– “Pompi” In Via Santa Maria in Via 17 Or Via della Croce 82

Where to Buy

If you want to buy wine or cheese, never buy it in the souvenir store or wine shops, as it costs double! Always go to the common supermarket where locals shop:

– Coop in Via Nazionale 212 or look on Google Maps for the closest Coop

– Carrefour in Via del Viminale 35 or look on Google Maps for the closest Carrefour

– Pam in Via delle Quattro Fontane 38 or look on Google Maps for the closest Pam or Pewex

Or set up on your gps these TOP MARKETS IN TOWN


We think of Eataly as a bit of an 800-pound gorilla in Rome’s food shopping scene but, still, there’s no denying that this megastore for all things edible and made-in-Italy is simply dazzling. Set in the old Ostiense Railway Station, Eataly’s largest outlet offers multiple floors of high-quality, carefully-sourced Italian specialities (who knew there were that many kinds of parmigiano?), plus multiple restaurants, cooking classes and tasting opportunities

Here is located EATALY


This is an amazing farm-to-table market for food snobs! Near Circus Maximus is everything you’ve dreamed of and more, selling cheeses, meats and charcuterie that will make you sing with happiness. And it’s all local from Lazio, the region surrounding Rome.


Open only Saturday and Sunday 10.30 am-7 pm

Wine Tours in the Rome Area

In general, Rome is not consider one of the wine vallleys of Italy… The best region where you can have a wonderful wine experience is Tuscany.

However, there is an amazing and big wine area just 40 minutes by car from the city center. It is consider one of the best wine productions in the Lazio district. They offer wine tours and tasting in Italian and English.


Like anywhere else in the world, some taxi drivers will take advantage of tourists!

Use the apps (Free Now, It Taxi, Uber Taxi, We Taxi) or text to these brothers who work as official drivers in Rome!

They provide service including: 

transfers from/to the airports

from/to Civitavecchia port

Tell him that you are JWs, and that you found their numbers on our website.

They will for sure give you the best rate available in Rome for their service!

24 hrs/365 days – transfers in all Italy

VIP Limousine service

CEO Brother Salvatore +39 3356159711

White Taxi for Rome only

Works from 6 am – 2 pm only

Brother Gianni +39 3498737318

White Taxi for Rome only

Works from 8.30 am – 4.30 pm only

Brother Danilo +39 3492828119

Please do not ask us details about their services!

Be aware that they are indipendent workers and we are not their broker!

Text them directly via whatsapp, and they will reply as soon as they can.



In general, we don’t suggest that you reach the city centre by car. There are many hidden cameras, and it’s very easy to get fined. Moreover in almost all cities of Italy, private cars are allowed downtown ONLY after 6 pm or all day on Sundays. The best way to explore our city centre is by leaving the car at the metro stop parking and taking the metro into the city.

However in the open parking metro stop areas, acts of vandalism against the cars are frequent! If you want to feel safe, leave your car in a guarded paying garage! 

Look for the closest one to your metro stop on google maps!

Anyway if you want to come by car as close as possible to the city centre, without entering the restricted areas, you can park your car in one of these parking lots for a payment. 

1. PARKING LUDOVISI Via Ludovisi 60 – 5 minutes walking from Spanish Steps

2. PARKING CAVOUR Piazza Cavour – 10 minutes walking from Navona Square


You can tap with any of your credit card and go, on all Roman buses and metros!

If you don’t have a credit card, you can’t purchase your tickets on board the buses.

You have to purchase your tickets prior to boarding, in any tobacco or newspapers shop.

Once you board the bus make sure to validate your ticket in the yellow machines on the bus. Getting on the bus without a validated ticket, could result in a fine of 100 or more euros per person.

For more information about public transportation in Rome, visit these link romevacationtips.comrometransports

1. In general avoid using public transport between 8 and 9.30 am and 4.30 and 6 pm. Rome’s metro is the smallest in Europe but almost 1.5 million of people use it daily!

2. Friday is the day of public transport strike, almost every month. Buses, subways, trams are often at risk from 9 am-5 pm, and catching a taxi in Rome in a strike or in a rainy day is nearly impossible.

Rome is a very walkable city but if you need to rest your feet up you can rent one of the electric scooter which are available everywhere.

Electric scooter or bike are a good option if public transportation is not available due to strike.


The best option if you plan to stay here, for a minimum of 3/4 days.. Get more information and purchase your pass here

Don’t purchase it between April and October inclusive, because the Colosseum tickets online are never available! And so they are not purchasable with the Roma Pass!


In general, Rome is a very safe and quiet city but like every touristy place pick-pocketers can be found in crowded squares, line-ups for monuments, buses or metros.

Often pick-pocketers are baby gipsy (8-16 years old), who look like tourists, but are very expert at picking your pockets!

Moreover everywhere is full of African people (90% of them are from Senegal), who will try to sell you bracelets and various manufactured objects.. Don’t stop! They say that the items are free but then they haunt you asking for money and running away without giving the rest!

Leave the following items inside your hotel/b&b safe: bags, backpacks and original passport/ documents.

Bring with you, if possible in your front pant pockets: some cash, credit cards and your phone which should have a picture of your passport/documents.

If you bring a bag, only bring items that are not precious or important to you.

Shopping in Rome

There’s a reason Rome has a reputation for being one of the coolest places on the planet. And between the endless bowls of pasta you’ll devour on your trip, you’ve got to mix it up a little bit, right? So you might as well go shopping. And luckily, Rome takes shopping very seriously indeed. 

At first glance, you might just expect designer boutiques and jewellers on the pricier end, but although the designer offerings are second to none, you’ll be able to source a ton of vintage finds as well. And if you’re only interested in a spot of window shopping? This is the place. Rome’s best shopping streets are a beauty to behold. Here’s where to go shopping in Rome.

Set up your GPS and go shopping!



Porta Portese is the most famous of Rome’s flea markets, selling absolutely everything from antiques, vintage clothes, knock-off designer gear, second hand items, books and much more. Is the largest in town as well as one of the oldest. Located in Trastevere area. You should get there early if you want the best deals. Open only on Sunday 6 am-2 pm


The polar opposite of Porta Portese, Sannio market is off the beaten path and it’s open from Mondays to Saturdays 7.30 am-2 pm. It’s a great place for good deals focused on leather clothes, shoes, belts, second hand items, homemade artisan style jewelry and much more. Much smaller than other Rome flea markets it is to navigate and makes for a pleasant stree-free few hours walk


Is probably the most unique of all the flea markets of Rome and perhaps the coolest? Located in the vibrant cool Monti area, and precisely in Leonina St. 46, this weekend affair is the best place to get made in Italy style products. Is extremely well organized and far less eclectic in comparison with Porta Portese. Is not the cheapest Roman flea market by a long shot, but certainly worth a visit! Open only Saturday and Sunday 10am- 8 pm



If you’re going to start anywhere with your shopping, start here, in Monti. This is the place for strolling through cobbled streets, and dipping into vintage shops and little boutiques. One of the hippest neighborhoods in the city, Monti is filled with independent clothing brands, interior decor shops and quaint, Instagrammable eateries. Pulp Vintage, Humana, Pifebo and Blue Goose are all popular spots for one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. Stroll down Via del Boschetto to shop for sartorial styles at Kokoro, global furnishings at Estremi and leather handbags at Sufir. This is the best place to nab a few bits from up-and-coming fashion designers no one has heard of back home.


If you think that your trip to Rome simply won’t be complete without splurging on a real Fendi purse, a bauble from Gucci or a wallet from Prada, look no further than the swanky streets fanning out from Piazza di Spagna, or the Spanish Steps. A dizzying amount of credit card debt gets run up on Via Condotti, Via Borgognona, Via del Babuino and Via Frattina because the big players are all here. From Bulgari and Max Mara to Ferragmo and Zegna, the choices are limitless. You’ll also find a few local brands squeezed in here, like Il Bisonte which sells leather goods, and plenty of eyeglass shops and perfume boutiques as well. Popular international stores like COS and & Other Stories are located nearby on Via Borgognona


This pretty street weaves through the Centro Storico, right near Piazza Navona. There are some one-off boutiques and jewellery stores, but the real draws are the vintage finds: several of Rome’s best resale shops are a few doors down from one another. As you leave Piazza Navona, head into Piazza di Pasquino to begin your stroll down this street. Kolby and Wools Boutique sell contemporary menswear, while Silvia and Arlette focus on womenswear. A few of Rome’s most popular eateries are located on this street as well for a perfect lunch pause: enjoy thin-crust Roman pizzas at Da Baffetto or classic pastas at Da Tonino. 


Once upon a time, it was the tradition in Rome – and most everywhere in Italy – for similar stores, studios, and vendors to be clustered on one street. The tradition still holds on Via dei Coronari, a street lined with antique dealers. It’s the place to go for vintage prints and maps, the odd antique Roman bust (or a still-quite-old reproduction), a little piece of estate jewellery or a Biedermeier bedroom set to ship home. A few favorite spots include Essenzialmente Laura for artisanal perfumes, Marta Ray for buttery soft leather ballet flats and handbags, and Lisa Corti for colourful textiles.


The name-brand storefronts along Via del Corso include the usual global logos like H&M, Zara and Gap alongside well-known Italian brands like Benetton, Kiko and Intimissimi. This isn’t the best place for a made-in-Rome souvenir, but if you need a pair of jeans, new shoes or just want to shop familiar names, you’ll find them here. If you need assistance with your digital device, be sure to pop into the new Apple store which recently opened in a grand 19th century featuring vaulted ceilings, frescoes and marbled staircases.


La Rinascente, Italy’s iconic department store, has sold luxury goods, fashion and accessories since 1865. It has two locations in Rome: one in Piazza Fiume (near Villa Borghese) and a more central location along Via del Tritone (a stone’s throw from the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps). You’ll find international designer brands, local artisans, cosmetics, home design, dining and more. La Rinascente isn’t just a shopping destination: it’s a cultural hub where modernity means Italian heritage. At the location on Via del Tritone, you should head below ground to floor -1 to see remnants of the ancient Aqua Virgo aqueduct that dates back to 19BC, and head upstairs to Maio Restaurant & Rooftop for mesmerizing views of the city skyline.


A tiny bijoux street tucked away behind Piazza del Popolo, Via dell’Oca has some of Italy’s most coveted contemporary artisans and upscale designer boutiques in Rome. You’ll find Lucia Odescalchi’s avant-garde jewellery atelier next to Patrizia Fabri’s dreamy hat workshop which sells dozens of styles for every season and occasion. Hip clothing boutiques include Artisanal Cornucopia, Laura Urbinati and Atelier Bomba — all household names with in-the-know locals. Eau d’Italie, a fragrance brand launched by Le Sirenuse in Positano, also has a shopfront here.


The jumble of streets wedged between Via Garibaldi and Viale Trastevere holds a real treasure trove of one-of-a-kind stores selling gifts, shoes, clothes and oddities. And getting lost during the treasure hunt is half the fun. Don’t miss RomaStore Profumi for custom-made fragrances and Polvere di Tempo for antique watches, clocks, sundials, globes and maps. This area is best in the later afternoon when you can hit a cosy bar for an aperitivo after your shopping spree.


One of the prettiest streets in Rome, Via della Scrofa has a great mix of dining options, furniture stores and chic boutiques. This is a top area to shop for your pals back home (or just yourself). Container16 Rome is the place to pick up funky kitchen tools, tableware and food books for the gastronomes in your life; Co.Ro. Jewels sells thoughtful jewellery designs inspired by the architecture of Rome; Sirni produces quality leather goods you’ll use for decades to come, and Spazioespanso stocks original fashion and accessories for women.


Once upon a time, Campo de’ Fiori was lined with funky shops selling handmade shoes, handbags and clothes. Now, it’s all about wall-to-wall restaurants. Nearby, Via dei Giubbonari is still suitably weird, though most of its small storefronts sell clothes and shoes that are more made-in-China than made-in-Italy. Still, prices are low, and you can say you bought it in Italy…


A busy train station may not seem like the most obvious or appealing place to shop, but Termini Station is a much nicer place to visit than it used to be. Head to the lower level for Sephora and Desigual or the platform level for Victoria’s Secret, COIN and others. There’s a decent food court on the upper level, and the fabulous Mercato Centrale street food hall is found by the station’s south side. 


If outlet shopping is your thing, then it might be worth it to haul out to the hinterlands, where more than 150 medium- to high-end designer outlet stores await. If you go during July and August or January and February, you will catch Italy’s famed seasonal sales, with deep discounts on what might otherwise be very expensive wares. The outlet runs a shuttle bus from Termini Station for €15 round-trip.


Look for one of these stores in the city

  1. BOGGI excellent design/top quality
  2. SPADA excellent design/average quality
  3. DOPPELGANGER excellent design/commercial quality
  4. DAN JOHN excellent design/commercial quality


Tina Sondergaard – Monti Area – Via del Boschetto 1/D

excellent design/handmade


Outlet shoes famous brand Via dei Coronari 227 top quality


The best place to buy cool souvenirs at the cheapest prices in the city center is:

Via Nazionale where you will find lots of Chinese Souvenir Stores


If you need of a luggage storage, available 24hrs/365 days in Rome, go this link:


In general, Rome is a very safe and quiet city but like every touristy place pick-pocketers can be found in crowded squares, line-ups for monuments, buses or metros.

Often pick-pocketers are baby gipsy (8-13 years old), who look like tourists, but are very expert at picking your pockets!

Moreover everywhere is full of African people (90% of them are from Senegal), who will try to sell you bracelets and various manufactured objects.. Don’t stop! They say that the items are free but then they haunt you asking for money and running away without giving the rest!

Leave the following items inside your hotel/b&b safe: bags, backpacks and original passport/ documents.

Bring with you, if possible in your front pant pockets: some cash, credit cards and your phone which should have a picture of your passport/documents.

If you bring a bag, only bring items that are not precious or important to you.

What Can I Do In Rome With The Kids?

Unfortunately Rome, unlike cities in the Northern Europe, it is not a child-friendly city.

There are very few beautiful children’s playgrounds in the city!

Anyway there are lots of fun activities to enjoy with children!

Here are the best ones for families!

1. EXPLORA – The Kids Museum – Via Flaminia 82


3. MAGICLAND (40 minutes driving from the city) a small Italian version of Disneyland –

4. ZOOMARINE (40 minutes driving from the city) a beautiful amusement water park –

Other helpful tips on how to enjoy Rome with kids on this link


What Can I Do On A Rainy Day In Rome?

You’ve been planning for your Rome trip for so long and when you’re finally here.. it rains!

Despite Rome being associated in everyone’s mind as a city with sun-shining all year long, you’ll be surprised to find out that Rome has more rain than London! In fact the average rain Rome gets in a year is 878mm, while London average is 690mm!

This is because the rain in Rome is concentrated in a smaller amount of days throughout the year, while London gets lighter rain and distributed over more days, so it feels like it rains more.

Anyway, do not despair if it rains while you’re here, because there’s actually tons of things to do in Rome on a rainy day. 

Save this list especially if you’re traveling to Rome during rainy months like November or December. So that you’ll be ready with a B-plan in case of sudden weather change!

Here’s some things to do in Rome on a rainy day.


The Pantheon’s dome is the biggest solid concrete dome in the world. And it still stands today thanks to the hole on top of the dome.

This is because the ancient Romans learned that arches in architecture discharge the weight of the building to the ground. And if you put two arches together.. You have a circle! 

What happens when it rains? Does the rain fall inside the Pantheon, through the hole? Yes, it does!

There are urban legends among the Romans (that have never been inside the Pantheon when it rains) saying that the rain droplets break while entering the hole, but that is not true.

The rain falls in and it drains through some draining holes on the floor, right in the center of the Pantheon.

We had no doubt that the Romans thought of everything!


There’s so many museums in Rome that it is very hard to choose one! Some museums require advance booking (because they sell out faster) such as Borghese Museum

Others give the possibility to either book tickets in advance or on site.

During rainy days we recommend booking tickets in advance when you can, as most of the people will want to be indoors.

One of our favorite museums when it rains is the Borghese Museum or Capitoline Museums.

In the Capitoline Museums not only do they have a super collection of ancient Roman statues, but also an incredible (sheltered) view over the Roman Forum, which you might be curious to see also in rainy situations, without getting wet.

If you are really into a journey through ancient Rome, we also recommend visiting three of the four sites of the National Roman Museum Palazzo Massimo, Crypta Balbi and Palazzo Altemps.

A real journey through Ancient Rome!


Whether it’s raining or really hot outside, going underground is always a really good idea! 

Some underground sites will be quite damp and the temperature cooler, so dress accordingly. The Underground site which we recommend visiting are:


There is a cinema in Rome which is called “Welcome to Rome” and it is located between Campo de’ Fiori and Piazza Navona, so in the historical center of Rome. Inside you will discover what ancient Rome looked like, through an immersive cinema and four different reconstructions. As you enter the site, they give you an audio guide which will synchronize as you enter the different rooms.


How cozy is it to sit in a coffee shop and have a coffee, a hot chocolate or an aperitivo while it rains outside? We love it! You can stop by at the cafeteria in the Chiostro del Bramante (near Piazza Navona), or in the fancy bar in Caffè Doria (near the Pantheon), or the classic Caffè Mariani. There’s really a lot of coffee shops around Rome, so it will be hard to go wrong!


In an archaeological thermal spa complex in the heart of the city center!


Reservation required!

Top Things to do in Rome Besides our Bible Tours

1. Borghese Museum and park

2. Sunset view from the 3 terrace of the Janicole hill (Saint Onofrio square, Anita Garibaldi square and Giuseppe Garibaldi square) and then Trastevere by night

3. Capitoline Museums

4. Ostia Antica, the non-touristy Pompeii which most tourists haven’t discovered yet!

5. QC Terme Roma

An unforgettable welness experience in the best thermal spa complex of Rome.
Especially from Monday to Thursday when it is not crowded!

6. Tivoli village – Villa D’Este and Villa Gregoriana in a 1 day trip from Rome.