Italian Branch

Located in Via Bufalotta 1281, 12 miles from the city centre.

You can only reach Bethel by bus or taxi!

Tap with your credit card once you are on board or get bus tickets before you board the bus and once you are on the bus, stamp your ticket in the yellow machine to validate it!

Bus 338 from metro stop JONIO
Or Bus 86 from metro stop CONCA DORO

Betel Tour takes maximum 90 minutes.

However since 2021 the Italian branch is relocating in Rome just very few areas, and a small garden are open to visitors!

In 2025 the Branch will definitely be moved to Bologna.

Time schedule for visitors from June 1st 2023

Monday to Friday 8.30-11.30 / 13.30-16.00

You can visit Bethel by online reservation only!

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