Like anywhere else in the world, some taxi drivers will take advantage of tourists!

Use the apps (Free Now, It Taxi, Uber Taxi, We Taxi) or text to these brothers who work as official drivers in Rome!

They provide service including: 

transfers from/to the airports

from/to Civitavecchia port

Tell him that you are JWs, and that you found their numbers on our website.

They will for sure give you the best rate available in Rome for their service!

24 hrs/365 days – transfers in all Italy

VIP Limousine service

CEO Brother Salvatore +39 3356159711

White Taxi for Rome only

Works from 6 am – 2 pm only

Brother Gianni +39 3498737318

White Taxi for Rome only

Works from 8.30 am – 4.30 pm only

Brother Danilo +39 3492828119

Please do not ask us details about their services!

Be aware that they are indipendent workers and we are not their broker!

Text them directly via whatsapp, and they will reply as soon as they can.



In general, we don’t suggest that you reach the city centre by car. There are many hidden cameras, and it’s very easy to get fined. Moreover in almost all cities of Italy, private cars are allowed downtown ONLY after 6 pm or all day on Sundays. The best way to explore our city centre is by leaving the car at the metro stop parking and taking the metro into the city.

However in the open parking metro stop areas, acts of vandalism against the cars are frequent! If you want to feel safe, leave your car in a guarded paying garage! 

Look for the closest one to your metro stop on google maps!

Anyway if you want to come by car as close as possible to the city centre, without entering the restricted areas, you can park your car in one of these parking lots for a payment. 

1. PARKING LUDOVISI Via Ludovisi 60 – 5 minutes walking from Spanish Steps

2. PARKING CAVOUR Piazza Cavour – 10 minutes walking from Navona Square


You can tap with any of your credit card and go, on all Roman buses and metros!

If you don’t have a credit card, you can’t purchase your tickets on board the buses.

You have to purchase your tickets prior to boarding, in any tobacco or newspapers shop.

Once you board the bus make sure to validate your ticket in the yellow machines on the bus. Getting on the bus without a validated ticket, could result in a fine of 100 or more euros per person.

For more information about public transportation in Rome, visit these link romevacationtips.comrometransports

1. In general avoid using public transport between 8 and 9.30 am and 4.30 and 6 pm. Rome’s metro is the smallest in Europe but almost 1.5 million of people use it daily!

2. Friday is the day of public transport strike, almost every month. Buses, subways, trams are often at risk from 9 am-5 pm, and catching a taxi in Rome in a strike or in a rainy day is nearly impossible.

Rome is a very walkable city but if you need to rest your feet up you can rent one of the electric scooter which are available everywhere.

Electric scooter or bike are a good option if public transportation is not available due to strike.


The best option if you plan to stay here, for a minimum of 3/4 days.. Get more information and purchase your pass here

Don’t purchase it between April and October inclusive, because the Colosseum tickets online are never available! And so they are not purchasable with the Roma Pass!


In general, Rome is a very safe and quiet city but like every touristy place pick-pocketers can be found in crowded squares, line-ups for monuments, buses or metros.

Often pick-pocketers are baby gipsy (8-16 years old), who look like tourists, but are very expert at picking your pockets!

Moreover everywhere is full of African people (90% of them are from Senegal), who will try to sell you bracelets and various manufactured objects.. Don’t stop! They say that the items are free but then they haunt you asking for money and running away without giving the rest!

Leave the following items inside your hotel/b&b safe: bags, backpacks and original passport/ documents.

Bring with you, if possible in your front pant pockets: some cash, credit cards and your phone which should have a picture of your passport/documents.

If you bring a bag, only bring items that are not precious or important to you.